Well this is the trailer of Karl’s long awaited short film “Remember Now” which is part of the MAHOOOSIVE Chanel Cruise 2011 being unveiled in Saint Tropez….

We obviously know that Baptiste is in it ): but who is this Elisa Sednaoui?  She is a model turned actress who accompanied Lagerfeld to this years Met Ball who gets the special lead role in this short which includes a whole lot of models (including ABBEY LEE KERSHAW!) and Chanel items.

The whole short will be on tommorow, Tuesday 11th on http://www.chanel-news.com/en/ at 7:30pm CET whatever time zone that is.  

And for some strange reason I really like the background music.


Love is forever.

8 seconds of the new Muse track Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever) which I believe is going to be on the Eclipse soundtrack. It’s a good thing because the only reason I like the Twilight films are because of Muse and Robert Pattinson. The track shall be released on the 17th May!

Vanessa Paradis.

So she gets to live with Johnny Dept and model for Chanel. Jealous! 

These lovely pictures of Vanessa Paradis are from the new Coco Cocoon handbag range ads. This isn’t the first time she has modeled for Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel. In 1991 she was a bird in a cage for the perfume Coco. She modeled again for Chanel in 2004 for the Ligne Cambon handbags and in 2005 for the The New Mademoiselle handbag.

Woah, Karl must really like her but I’m suprised Baptiste isn’t there….

Well at least Lily Allen is gone (:

 I read on some Australian website that Abbey Lee Kershaw will be in the new Chanel ad! But of course as this is Karl Lagerfeld, she’ll be featuring alongside Freja Beha and Baptiste. Anyway, Abbey Lee is one of my favourite models so I am tres excited to see the pictures! 

 She closed the Chanel spring 2010 couture show and opened the autumn/winter 2010 collection looking like, well Chewbacca.

Today is the premiere of PRINCE OF PERSIA in London and as I am not going, I’m just gonna indulge myself in some Jake Goodness to make myself feel better. But we are all going to have to wait until the 28th May until we get to see him and his hot body and hear his British accent in the film. Sigh. 

I guess all of these pictures are owned by Disney….

Karen Elson

From Vogue Italia 2007

Karen Elson is amazing, not only is she incredibly beautiful, but she is extremely talented aswell! She is soon releasing her debut album The Ghost Who Walks which is produced by her husband Jack White. 

And in the theme of red, here are some pictures I took last week of some pretty flowers…

As we enter :o

Well because of copyright and stuff like that every video on youtube of this song has well been messed up and replaced by some really wierd song, so I cannot post a link. But I still recommend listening to this tunee. It is called As We Enter by Nas and Damian Marley, son of Bob Marley from their collaboration album Distant Relatives. I’m sure I hear this song every morning as I awake, well I’m sure it’s either this song or the one which goes “When she kissed me it felt like a headbutt” By The King Blues. The video of the Headbutt song has a cute monkey in it so i decided to put here :s

Those hair and lips….