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The really annoying repetive bit has been in my head all day because when I was lying in bed listening to radio 1 and dev said to turn this tune up loud, i listened to him. And boy do I regret it…..

So to get HOT HOT HOT outta my head I went on youtube and submerged myself with some Chemical Brothers and Caspa o:



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Don’t you just wish you could be as skillfull as Ando….

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Well Taylor Lautner was in this picture, but he looked so silly compared to Robert I did him a favour and cut him out…. Anyway I think I’ll use this picture as my Valentine Cards and just give them out to spread around the love for Robert (:

There is also this beautiful picture of him which I tried to draw hearts on but as you can see that kind of failed, so I put the original picture there too. ENJOY!

Why is Robert so great?

  • His cheekbones are amazing.

  • He was voted the sexiest male in a glamour magazine poll.

  • He has lovely lips.

  • He has gorgeous eyes.

  • He has a nice speaking voice

  •  He is not plastic-like and polished like Zac Efron and Taylor Lautner.

  • He plays the guitar and the piano.

  • He can sing therefore he is fully capable of serenading his lucky future wife at their wedding.

  •  His smile is beautiful.

  • He seems kinda mysterious.

  • He used to be a model which proves how amazing his cheekbones are.

  • What he wears make him even more attractive, he was even named the best dressed man in the world by GQ.

  • He 6ft1

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Look at Robert’s beauty and talent. mmm so wonderful (: But eww Tom Cruise, he’s not even funny. He is just short.

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Ahhh I do love Chiddy Bang very much mainly because of their coolness. I mean, they’ve sampled MGMT and Passion Pit and it sounded…. cool! And even they’re videos are cool.


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Taylor who?

His bone structure looks like it was carved by Aphrodite (I’m doing some Classics revision OK) and his eyes and those jackets are just SEXY.

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Your’e fit but my gosh don’t you know it!

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